Pipe and Valve Selection for Cooling Systems and Refrigeration

Air Conditioning and Chilled Water Piping System Installation

Pipe and Valve Selection for Cooling Systems and Refrigeration

The selection of pipes and valves is a critical step in the design and construction of a cooling or refrigeration system, and its importance can often be overlooked. The selection process requires a great understanding of how each selection can impact your system’s operation.

Depending on your needs, each option has the ability to positively or negatively affect the outcome.

The resilience, efficiency and superior operating capacity of any cooling system depends on the proper evaluation and selection of valves, piping and sensors.

There are six varieties of pipes, made up of different materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Tubing
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Exotic alloys
  • Iron

The velocity required to travel through the pipe and compatibility with the chemicals and fluids that are being spread throughout the system also play a role in the choice.

Size of the piping is also critical, as it dictates how much fluid the system requires to flow through at any given time. Pipe sizing based on pressure loss is known as the Conventional Method. Sizing based on economic analysis is often referred to as the Recommended Method.

Like anything, the grade of the piping plays a large part in the efficiency of the system.

Depending on the material selected to build your system, the cost may increase or decrease.

To ensure minimal corrosion, the application of the system and materials selected should be carefully considered. Unlike smaller refrigeration and cooling systems for a home, large commercial- or industrial-grade systems require a higher level of quality and dependability, necessitating a higher grade of materials.

Valves work in unison with the pipes to ensure proper flow of fluid through the system.

The capacity, the flow through the pipes, size of the pipes, temperature and pressure all play a large role in selection of the proper valve.

A high level of preciseness is required when determining the right valve; a small valve may not do the job, while too large a valve may accrue an unnecessary expenditure in the construction of the cooling system and can even cause hydraulic shock during operation.

The pipes and valves are the backbone and the skeleton of the refrigeration or cooling system. They must be selected by a trusted company with extensive knowledge of both the construction and operation of these systems.

JAX Refrigeration has five departments that provide a seamless communication process between design, fabrication, construction, installation and maintenance that allows us to understand the impact of the selections at each step. To contact us for a detailed, in-depth look at the requirements of your system call 904-249-1400.

With proper selection on the front end, we can help save money and better meet your consumers’ needs on the back end.