JAX RHVAC Turns 30!

JAX RHVAC Turns 30!

Restaurant HVAC Specialty (RHVACS) officially opened its doors on April 6, 1989. In the early days, brothers Gary and Bobby Yoho assumed all rolls. As the business grew they began hiring employees, beginning with Evelyn Yoho for accounting support. That first year they added on 2 field mechanics and one start-up technician. After learning the ropes in the field, Dana Yoho joined the executive team as a construction manager. Since their humble beginning RHVACS has successfully completed over 2,200 projects, all supervised and installed by their own skilled tradesmen, not outside contractors. We sat down with Bobby and Dana Yoho to learn a little more about what has made them successful these last 30 years.


Why did you choose to start RHVACS?

Gary and I each had over 10 years of experience in the HVAC Industry. We learned a lot about the right and wrong way to conduct a business. We decided to start Restaurant HVAC Specialty and focus on the right way to manage our business.

Why did RHVACS succeed – What do you think is the secret to your success?
Knowledge of the industry and honesty. We did not use sub-contractors or temporary labor, worked to keep overhead low and negotiated preferred pricing with our vendors. We stayed on top of each project from start to finish (and still do). We aimed to foresee and eliminate any issues which could negatively affect the perfect completion of each and every job we performed. By always keeping a tight control on job costs, concentrating on performance and service we ensured repeat business and customer recommendations. We have always treated employees fairly and with respect and distributed profit back to our employees each year, to maintain loyalty and commitment.
Why did you choose to join JAX Refrigeration?
I wanted to retire and leave this company in good hands to ensure a great future for Restaurant HVAC and its loyal employees. I talked with multiple companies, and it came down to JAX Refrigeration being the best fit. With their reputation, engineering capabilities and multi-state coverage and licensing… it was a no brainer. I have great respect for Mark Lowery. Having worked for him these past 3 years, I have personally witnessed his honesty, integrity and his absolute devotion to his company and its employees.
What does RHVACS offer that makes you special or unique?
We offer restaurant chains and other customers complete turnkey HVAC service from engineering through project completion. We also offer test and balance and warranty service. With our national vendors we can take care of all their Air conditioning, Controls, Ductwork, Kitchen hoods, Fans and Walk-in Cooler/Freezers needs. We also provide major HVAC remodel and renovation work.
How many Restaurants (or total # of Projects) have been completed by RHVACS?
Over 2,200 projects completed to date, restaurants and other commercial projects.
What is the future for RHVACS?
It is great! The core team is outstanding, and able to accomplish a great deal of work. We will need to concentrate on new chain account customers as well as obtaining, training and keeping installation mechanics and refrigeration technicians in the future.
Do you have any comments or a message you would like to share with your customers or JAX & RHVACS Employees
With JAX Refrigeration I believe everyone has a great opportunity for success, advancement and gratification. With hard work, honesty, a positive attitude and teamwork…. anything can be accomplished. I wish everyone health and prosperity, and in the words of Ringo Starr “Peace and Love”.


Director of Construction
Prior to joining Restaurant HVAC Specialty (RHVACS), I worked for Tropic-Kool Engineering Corporation. I spent several years in the accounting department, and eventually transitioned to a position as a contract administrator in the construction department. I joined Restaurant HVAC in July, 1990. At that time, the RHVACS office workforce consisted of my two brothers, Bobby and Gary, as well as Gary’s wife, Evelyn. The company was in a transition period, and I was asked to come in and run the construction department.
When I began with RHVACS, we employed six to eight people in the field. Gary and Bobby would not allow me to come in and run construction without a great deal of training. Initially, I worked in the field with John Cribbs, who was our main field installer. John had been with RHVACS since the beginning. After 8 months in the field, Gary brought me into the office and taught me how to properly execute job take-offs, run field crews and how to communicate with our customers. Since then, I have run the construction department for RHVACS.
My brother Gary passed away in July, of 2011. Bobby, Evelyn, and I divided his duties, in order to continue operations. I continued to head up construction, but had the added responsibilities of approving all payable invoices, initiating billings on all projects, setting up job files and reviewing (also signing) all contracts. Now, with Bobby set to retire in the near future, I see my role moving more toward General Manager of RHVACS. I will be reviewing estimates, proposals and will be responsible for securing projects. I will be communicating more with General Contractors and owners, while continuing to review and sign contracts, set up job files, order equipment packages and oversee the overall operation of the business. I will rely heavily on Dave Dewoody, who will be taking over much of the construction management duties.

So Long Bobby!

Bobby Yoho,

General Manager of JAX RHVAC, is retiring! We’re sad to see him go but are already in the process of filling the space he’ll leave behind.

Bobby will continue handling Engineering Consulting work on an as-needed basis.