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Industrial RefrigerationIndustrial HVAC/MechanicalEngineeringThermal ConstructionMaintenance Parts & ServiceFabrication Module AssemblySkid Design & Manufacturing

Custom Starts at Company Headquarters

At JAX Refrigeration our creativity and ingenuity for custom design starts when you pull into the parking lot of our corporate headquarters located just two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

The 7,722 square foot office space is a unique mix of industrial, coastal and contemporary. The exterior incorporates a beachside theme with whitewashed stucco, weathered wood walls and seafoam green and blue trim, featuring multiple decks and awnings.

Repurposed Materials and Custom Industrial Designs

A large built-in salt water aquarium brings a slice of ocean life into the lobby area on the ground floor. Construction features on the first floor include exposed brick, natural wood flooring and raw wood walls. There are features within the building, such as ductwork, that are purposely exposed to creatively showcase HVAC equipment and technology the company routinely uses in the field. Stainless steel pipes and metal paneling are unique features throughout the space, which are symbolic of the industrial materials used in commercial refrigeration construction projects.

Several offices showcase floor-to-ceiling French doors that open onto covered patios designed to take advantage of the energizing ocean breezes. Desks, interior furnishings and wall decor also reflect the coastal, urban and contemporary design theme. Much of the interior work was custom designed and handcrafted by JAX Refrigeration’s fabrication shop employees. The second-floor interior amenities include a stocked, modern kitchen more reminiscent of a seaside restaurant, which includes a freestyle soda machine, a claw arcade game with the company’s mascot as the main prize, and spacious seating areas both inside and on the outdoor veranda.

Space Reflects Company Culture

The award-winning space embraces modern technology, innovative repurposing of materials and a forward-thinking approach that reflects the creative, innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that is the company culture. The building’s design, furnishings and infrastructure inspire creativity and collaboration and reflect its connection to its beach roots of the surrounding community. The casual driftwood flooring and walls, the warm Edison lighting and Caribbean-style design all contribute to a relaxed environment, conducive to employee wellness.

The dress code is relaxed, and staff is encouraged to maintain a life and work balance by exercising in the fully-equipped workout space, enjoy healthy snacks in the second-floor break room, or use their break time to walk the two short blocks to enjoy the fresh, ocean air. In the demanding businesses of engineering and contracting, it was important to JAX Refrigeration Founder Mark Lowery that employees come to work, stay as long as needed, be productive during their time at the office and not feel like they were in a stale workplace where they watched the clock until quitting time.

Clients Quickly See Custom Possibilities

When potential clients visit the JAX Refrigeration headquarters they quickly realize that they are working with a creative and unique company. It’s common for visitors to receive a tour prior to a scheduled meeting and learn more about the organization, its custom approach to design and the people behind the ideas and innovation. The building helps speak to the company’s ability to put forth creative and custom designs, which is a key selling point to those considering a business partnership with JAX Refrigeration.

Clients Quickly See Custom Possibilities

There are personal and often whimsical touches throughout the space, including hand-painted staff name plates, the company logo subtly painted into wall art and a weather vane in the shape of the company mascot that sits atop the corporate office.

Special thanks to Cronk Duch Architects and Beach Chic Design.